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We have solutions for your:

  • Earthquake damaged foundations
  • Earthquake damaged piles
  • Unlevel floors
  • Lifting structures for foundation and pile replacement
  • Upperpining and Relevelling of foundations that have subsided
  • Full Repiling
  • We can provide interdependent Engineers
  • Pesky doors that won't close properly!

Underpinning and Foundation Re-Levelling

Strengthens present foundations that have been compromised as a result of an earthquake or simply the home ageing. 



Repiling involves replacing damaged piles and eradicates structural damage that may have occurred as a result of an earthquake, ground sinking or simply because your home is ageing. 


House Lifting

Some foundation repairs require the lifting of your home so that the foundations can be accessed. This is a specialised area that we have experience in. The actual replacement of your foundations is completed by a foundation replacement company of your choosing, or we can recommend a company you can work with. 




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